I have published gitbook on DevOps

I have published gitbook on DevOps

Fri, 07 Feb 2020

If we’re going to concentrate on IT Operations’ role in a DevOps organization, it’s useful to think about what a DevOps project actually looks like. What, exactly, is IT Operations providing? What capabilities does the organization need? So let’s take a super high-level look at a DevOps-style project, and what it involves. We’ll dig deeper into various pieces of this in the remainder of this book. HOWEVER, I want to emphasize that you can’t achieve DevOps entirely within the Operations team. DevOps is about thinking of your entire system (a very Deming phrase), from the people who write the code to the people who use the code, and everything in between. The Operations team has a contribution, as do many other teams and roles.

There are a lot of people talking about DevOps these days, and so there are a lot of different opinions on how a “DevOps project” should work. In looking for a concise, high-level explanation, I was most taken by a description of how Spotify organizes their IT efforts. While a lot of that description focuses on how the software developers are organized, the interesting bit for me was that their IT Operations’ team main job was to create units of automation so that the developers could deploy code to test, QA, and production on their own. Operations, in other words, facilitated a safe and managed connection between developers and application (service) users. Ops more or less arranged things so that Ops itself “got out of the way,” within a managed and controlled framework of activity.

DevOps Principles

Here, are six principles which are essential when adopting DevOps:

  1. Customer-Centric Action: DevOps team must take customer-centric action for that they should constantly invest in products and services.
  2. End-To-End Responsibility: The DevOps team need to provide performance support until they become end-of-life. This enhances the level of responsibility and the quality of the products engineered.
  3. Continuous Improvement: DevOps culture focuses on continuous improvement to minimize waste. It continuously speeds up the improvement of product or services offered.
  4. Automate everything: Automation is a vital principle of DevOps process. This is not only for the software development but also for the entire infrastructure landscape.
  5. Work as one team: In the DevOps culture role of the designer, developer, and tester are already defined. All they needed to do is work as one team with complete collaboration.
  6. Monitor and test everything: It is very important for DevOps team to have a robust monitoring and testing procedures.

How devops links with cloud computing

DevOps is the automation of agile methodology. The idea is to empower developers to respond to the needs of the business in near real-time. In other words, DevOps should remove much of the latency that has existed for years around software development.

DevOps’ links with cloud computing are easy to define:

  • The centralized nature of cloud computing provides DevOps automation with a standard and centralized platform for testing, deployment, and production. In the past, the distributed nature of some enterprise systems didn’t fit well with centralized software deployment. Using a cloud platform solves many issues with distributed complexity.
  • DevOps automation is becoming cloud-centric. Most public and private cloud computing providers support DevOps systemically on their platform, including continuous integration and continuous development tools. This tight integration lowers the cost associated with on-premises DevOps automation technology, and provides centralized governance and control for a sound DevOps process. Many developers who enter into the process find that governance keeps them out of trouble, and it’s easier to control this centrally via the cloud versus attempting to bring departments under control.

Link for my gitbook https://tkssharma-devops.gitbook.io/devops-training/

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